Warspear Online


A charasmatic MMO with a retro feel


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Warspear Online is an MMORPG (a massive multiplayer role play game) where players immerse themselves in a fantasy world full of magic and monsters, and which is inhabited by thousands of players from all over the world.

To begin with, you must create your character. You can choose from four different races (elves, dwarves, humans and darks) and twelve different classes (three for each of the factions). Additionally, you must choose the name, sex, and hair, and then your avatar will be perfectly configured.

Once this first step is complete, your adventure begins in earnest. Depending on the faction you choose, you will start off in one of the cities, but in all cases, you must start by carrying out a few missions (the game comes with more than a thousand) in which your objective will be to fetch an object for whichever character requests it.

To really test your metal, the game includes dozens of different monsters, huge bosses that must be taken on in groups, and hundreds of different locations and dungeons. Also, the game has 'warzones' where you can fight against other human players.

Visually, Warspear Online is a delight. Instead of using regular three-dimensional models, the developers have chosen a visual style closer to the old Super Nintendo games, and this sits really well with the gameplay. The retro style makes moving on through the game a real pleasure.

Warspear Online is an all encompassing MMORPG that has multiple platform servers, PVP fights, and loads of 'quests', as well as hundreds of weapons and suits of armour to customize your character with and lots of skills to unlock as you level up.
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