Warspear Online

7.5.0 for iPhone

Online RPG like you've never seen before



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Warspear Online is a massive multi-player online role playing game (MMORPG) in which the players have to penetrate an enormous fantastical universe where they can play with thousands of players from all over the world.

Before playing you will have to create your character from scratch. You can choose between four different factions or races (elves, dwarfs, humans, and dark army) and 12 different classes (three for each one of the factions). You'll also have to choose a name, sex, and hair type.

Once you have your character ready, the adventure begins. The city you start in depends on the faction you choose, but you'll always have to start by doing a few missions (the game has more than one thousand) in which your objective is to take an object to the corresponding character that requested it.

To let you show off your skills, the game has dozens of types of different monsters that will try to kill you, battles against enormous bosses that you'll have to attack as a group, and hundreds of different cities and dungeons. Also, there are war zones in the game where you can fight other human players.

Graphically, Warspear Online is beautiful, as instead of using traditional 3-D models it has opted for presenting a visual style similar to Super Nintendo games that goes really well with the game. The retro style makes game play really unique.

Warspear Online is a very complete online role playing game that has several multi-platform servers, one-on-one battles, hundreds of quests, tons of weapons and armor for customizing your character, dozens of skills to unlock as you advance, and much more.
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